U.S.-Baltic Foundation

Promote Baltic Identity

Baltic Arts Fund

The Baltic Arts Fund was created to provide grants and scholarships to students, support for artistic studies, and support artistic performances and exhibitions in the U.S. and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The fund also supports educational institutions or qualified non-profit organizations in the U.S. or Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which share the mission of the program.

Support and Promote Documentaries / Films about the Baltics

The Singing Revolution

The Soviet Story

Red Terror on the Amber Coast


Support and Promote Books about the Baltics

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Stillman- Lack Scholarship Fund

The Stillman-Lack Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 in collaboration with the Stillman- Lack Foundation.  The scholarship was created in honor of artist Ary Stillman, great-uncle of Jonathan Lack, a USBF Board Member. Stillman studied at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, the oldest and largest art education establishment in the Baltics, in the early 1900’s. The scholarship established in his name at USBF to recognize the educational value in encouraging the development of a creative artist.