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U.S.-Baltic Foundation
USBF to Host First U.S.-Baltic Exchange Program Summit on Gala Weekend

February 29, 2008
WASHINGTON, DC – Maria Kivisild Ogrydziak, Chairman of the U.S.- Baltic Foundation’s Board of Directors, announced today the launching of USBF’s re-engagement in cultural and educational exchange programs, by hosting the first U.S.-Baltic Exchange Program Summit on Saturday, April, 19 between 0800-1230 at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel at 1127 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC.  The summit welcomes past and present participants and organizers of a broad range of exchanges between the United States and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as innovators of future programs.  All interested persons can purchase tickets for the summit online at

The summit will highlight three main subjects; (1) an overview of the importance and benefit of international exchange programs, (2) examples of successful past and current U.S.- Baltic exchange programs, and (3) exciting new plans by USBF to participate in a formal U.S. Department of State exchange program which will provide hundreds of new opportunities to build stronger trans-Atlantic bridges through people-to-people contacts.  Ms. Diana Vidutis, former exchange program administrator at the National Academy of Sciences, will chair the summit.

“Promoting people to people exchange programs is essential to establishing the strong and lasting friendship between the U.S and the Baltic states,” said Ms. Vidutis.  “We believe the summit will provide a means for representatives of past, current and future programs to network and learn from one another.”

“USBF has a long and proud tradition of sponsoring exchanges,” explained Ms. Ogrydziak.  “Our first program participant in the fall of 1990 was a young Estonian historian, Mart Laar, unknown in America, but who became the first post-communist prime minister of his county in 1992.  In the 1990’s USBF sponsored hundreds of professional, academic and college and high school exchange participants to and from the Baltics.  This year USBF will initiate new exchange initiatives.”   

The U.S.- Baltic Exchange Summit is being organized in conjunction with the 2008 U.S.- Baltic Gala, taking place in the evening of April 19, also at the Mayflower Hotel.  Proceeds from the gala will support the new U.S.- Baltic Exchange Program.

The U.S.- Baltic Foundation is a non-profit, educational resource for U.S. policy-makers and the public.  A national organization that unites all American friends of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, USBF develops and implements programs to strengthen democracy and free markets in the Baltics.  The Foundation also introduces the Baltics to new American audiences with a series of public affairs programs.