U.S.-Baltic Foundation

Julius - A New Lithuanian-American Opera

The product of a long collaboration between an American composer and Lithuanian librettist and director, Julius tells the story of one man’s struggle to hold onto his dream of returning home as he and his family are pulled in conflicting directions by war, occupation, and the search for freedom.  Based on the true life story of the composer’s Lithuanian grandfather and his experience as a DP in Germany from 1944-51, this work blends contemporary opera with elements of Lithuanian folk and traditional music, in particular the songs Julius sang for over 50 years after he left Lithuania and which his family recorded before he passed away.




On March 23, 2010, Julius will be the opening opera of the 3rd annual Naujosios Operos Akcija (New Opera Action) Festival, organized by the Lithuanian arts non-profit Operomanija in Vilnius.  Complete with soloists, chorus, conductor, chamber ensemble, and dancers, this full-length opera production promises to be a truly moving experience, but there is still much work to be done before opening night.  On behalf of Operomanija, the U.S.-Baltic Foundation is now accepting tax-deductible donations from those interested in helping bring this opera to life and making the premiere as memorable as possible.  For more details about the opera, everyone involved in the production, as well as how it all began, visit the composer’s blog at www.operainvilnius.blogspot.com.  To learn more about the NOA Festival, visit www.noa.lt.

Julius and the collaboration through which the work was created represents a new generation of artists in the Baltics and America eager to learn from each other and work together to create beautiful works of art.  As this opera demonstrates, our common past and shared heritage can inspire future relationships and understanding!  We sincerely hope you will consider making a contribution to the production and we thank you all in advance for your support!